Courses Offered


“The college offers a three-year B.A. in the following subjects:

1. Hindi Language

2. Hindi Literature

3. English Language

4. English Literature

5. Economics
6. Political Science

7. History

8. Sociology

9. Geography

10. Sanskrit

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B.Ed. Programme

 “The college also offers a one-year B.Ed. There are 100 seats available. The course was affiliated with M J P Rohilkhand University in 2003. The examination results have been outstanding".  "In 2010 the results were 100%”

M.A. Programme

 “In 2009, the college received affiliation from M J P Rohilkhand University for two M.A. programmes, one in English Literature and one in Sociology. There are 60 seats available in each subject.” 
"In the first year of the M.A., the results were 100% in both subjects".

PGRRM Programme

“This innovative post-graduate diploma began in 2002. It is an excellent course for those wishing to work in rural management. Successful students are now working for international agencies, NGO networks and both state and district-wide campaigns.

The course builds their capacity to accelerate change towards a more sustainable society and make a positive contribution to the economy and the environment. It prepares students to work as managers or executive officers in both governmental and non-governmental rural enterprises.

            The course is officially affiliated to M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.”

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